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About Kaila Enterprises
Kaila Enterprises was founded in 2008, just as the recession was at its most perilous, and like you, I was uncertain about career prospects, and the longevity of the company I worked for. That’s when I decided to take a risk, and for the very first time put my expertise to work for me, and those like me. Now, I won't sugar coat this...It's Hard Work!! I didn’t have all the answers, and mistakes were made, but with each mistake came the welcome challenge to overcome them. After all, that’s what I was paid to do in my previous professional life, so I was thoroughly gratified that I was now overcoming obstacles for myself.

Now, I want to help those like me, the "Little Guy", "The Dreamer", The Entrepreneur", I promise that's the last cliché:) You have my personal commitment, my Associates and I will work just as tirelessly to help you achieve your potential, as we were, and still are in achieving ours.  

Michael A. Roman (Owner/Founder/Managing Director)

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